Melanin and Colours - Contrasts

Melanin and Colours is an exploration into the interaction of dark skin with different colours; similar colours and contrasting colours.

Different colours have different effects on dark skin tones. Bright, contrasting colours tend to complement as well as enhance the appearance of dark skin tones, especially due to their difference in hues.

For this series of images, Yellow, Pink and Orange were used as case studies to view how Dark skin tones interact with contrasting colours. The muse’s outfit uses both yellow and pink, with the upper part of her dress being yellow and the lower part being pink. A minimal makeup look with graphic orange eyeshadow was used to subtly provide contrast on her face as well. 

All images were shot with Natural light and two background colours were used.

*This is an ongoing project

Creative team:

Creative direction and Photography: Aisha Ife

Model: Bamise

Styling and outfit: Seamstress Lagos

Makeup: OT Loba