Ẹ̀ṣọ́ (Jewelry)

I love jewelry, I always have.

I love how jewelry adorns, how it complements a look, how it adds character to its wearer.

I’ve been wearing jewelry almost all my life and Most of my pictures as a toddler have me wearing pieces of Jewelry (apart from earrings) especially for celebrations. I have a photo with my Paternal grandma wearing almost matching Ìró and bùbá sets and jewelry on our wrists and necks. She loved jewelry too.

An image of my Paternal Grandma and I (This is the clearest copy of this image I have)

My earliest actual memory of wearing jewelry was for Eid celebrations. I’d get really excited about wearing my special bangle sets and necklace along with the special outfits we got made for Eid. 

I love how jewelry adorns.

As an adult, my love for jewelry has transcended wearing them for just special occasions to daily wear. I’m almost always wearing a piece of jewelry. 

I have an anklet on my right ankle which I almost never take off and I have a nose ring I haven’t taken off since I pierced my nose in 2019.

I love how jewelry adds character to its wearer.

Wearing jewelry makes me feel beautiful, looking at my hands and seeing how rings adorn my fingers, hearing my bangles giggle on my wrist, looking at my reflection and seeing how a necklace caresses my neck makes me marvel. Gold coloured jewelry is my favourite, I think it complements dark skin tones very amazingly.

I think jewelry speaks.

For this project, I photographed myself wearing some of my favourite pieces of jewelry. Pictured are some of my rings, bracelets and a necklace. 

Creative Credits:

Direction and Photography: Aisha Ife

Styling: Aisha Ife

*Under no circumstances are these images allowed to be tampered with or edited in any form, All rights reserved.

an image showing my full outfit details
Hands wearing jewelry

Wardrobe Details:

Dress: Remi Wahab

Scarf: Raana Essentials

Rings: The Blacksheep Company and Reni Tan

Bracelets: Seller at Yaba Market, Lagos

Necklace: The Blacksheep Company

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